• 53 Ideas Fresh New Look Tropical Nail Designs
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    53 Ideas Fresh New Look Tropical Nail Designs

    The warm and sunny summer days are here again. Prepare your summer dresses, sunglasses and pumps all that in ideal combination with hot and tropical nail art design to accompany your perfect outfit. Be inspired by the summer vibe, paint your nails with more fun and remarkable nail art to remind you off the intense sun. Be a fashion girl in step with the summer with beauty cover on your nails and take pleasure and enjoy in the sun. For fresh new look tropical summer nail designs, you can paint your nails with the flowers and fruits typical of the tropical regions in their original colors. Again, green, yellow, orange,…

  • 50+ Cute Nail Art For Beach Party You Need To Copy
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    50+ Cute Nail Art for Beach Party You Need to Copy

    While this is not a good way of making fair assessments, it is what happens on the ground. Therefore, it would be wise to be prepared. A good way of making a favorable impression is by having your nails done carefully and lovingly. The effect will have on people around you will be powerful and inspiring. There are many occasions that you will decide to get your nails done in a certain way. This is so as to capture the mood and the tone that is embodied in that particular occasion. For instance, it is not uncommon to see people having colorful nails with wild designs during the summer for…

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    50+ Cute Nail Art Designs Ideas You Must Try

    Who isn’t excited about spring? As we get closer to the warmer season, the runways of Spring and Summer 2020 have shown us many beautiful nail colors that are certainly suitable for spring. Because this upcoming trend is all about natural elements, nail colors will also go along. Spring will not be complete without the promise of blooming colorful flowers. This season, take advantage of feminine colors such as roses and pink that are so pretty that you will most likely dye this paint on your nails. Soft roses, deep burgundy, cherry red, and happy corals, as well as yellowish tones, will make you feel the warmth of spring. And…

  • 60+ Loveable Valentines Nail Art You Want To Copy
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    60+ Loveable Valentines Nail Art You Want to Copy

    Who doesn’t love properly manicured and well-groomed nails? Ensuring you get as creative with your nails as you are with your clothes is the industry of nail art designs. Today, the trend of nail fashion is greatly influenced by the various unique and creative styles that give a complete makeover to your nails. There are numerous ways of making your nails look glamorous and interesting. You can paint beautiful designs on your nails with the help of nail polish or even acrylic paint and further accentuate the design with glitters, stickers, semi-precious stones and rhinestones. In fact, you can take your pick from a range of designs to match with…

  • 67 Ideas Romantic Pink Toe Nail Art For Valentines Day
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    67 Ideas Romantic Pink Toe Nail Art for Valentines Day

    Nail care is essential as nails protect the tips of our fingers and toes. No expensive implements are required for proper nail care other than a nail clipper or a pair of small scissors, and a nail file. Your fingernails and toenails should be trimmed regularly and the nails and cuticles moisturized daily with hand cream or lotion. For added protection, many women apply a bit of polish. Split nails are an indication that your body is dehydrated so you will need to drink lots of fluids and apply special oils or a moisturizer. Today nails have become a fashion accessory, and with the advent of the modern fashion scene,…

  • 60+ Pretty Cute Disney Nail Art Design
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    60+ Pretty Cute Disney Nail Art Design

    Nail beauty is no more limited to just a coating of your favorite nail color. It has gone beyond that conventional decorating to accommodate new styles and designs such as the use of nail dangles. The beautification of nails has seen a sea change in the past couple of years that has transformed from the basic manicure and nail paint to accommodate different types of nail art designs. It has now, in fact, become almost an industry that caters to innovation creation of different kinds of nail products. It is just not anymore an extension of the fashion industry; it is a fashion cult all by itself. The designs are…

  • 50+ Trendy Green Nail Art That Suits Your Personality
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    50+ Trendy Green Nail Art that Suits Your Personality

    Your nail polish color speaks reams about you as a person. There are so many colors on the market that it is easy to find one that suits your personality. You can try a variety of colors to suit your mood. So what are the best nail polish colors? Well, this will, of course, depend on your particular moods, and of course your personality. You will be surprised at how much the color of your nails will reflect on you. Some colors like green nail polish will subtly tell someone, “Here is someone who is exciting to know.” Green is a color that comes in many shades. You can have…

  • 50+ Ways To Wear Modern Nail Art Nude Color You Need To Copy
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    50+ Ways to Wear Modern Nail Art Nude Color You Need to Copy

    Wearing nude color for your nail are is a remarkable way to showcase your femininity and innocence. For all the women out there who take comfort in wearing soft, non-colored nudes, this trend is a reason of fashion happiness. It will make you look classy and modern. Nudes come in various shades like powdery tones of beige, pale pink and faded grey. Just pure romance and innocence! Let’s take a look! and you ready to copy as soon as possible.      

  • 47 Simple Nail Art Design For This Winter Season Inspiration
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    47 Simple Nail Art Design for This Winter Season Inspiration

    Your nail should be always in good condition in all seasons, especially for Winter. They need your caring more and because not every woman dare enough with festive and bright color for their nail, so you can do design your nail with the simple and glam look, you will love it for your long holiday. So during your holiday make you feel more confident with your new simple glamour nail art you have.

  • 50+ Cute And Festive Christmas Nail Design You Should To Copy
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    50+ Cute and Festive Christmas Nail Design You Should to Copy

    Christmas is in the corner, you need to prepare everything, dress, home decoration, the menu for your big family, festive cookies, of course, your Christmas tree and do not forget to create nice, cute and festive Christmas Nail Design for your perfect finger. We have to round up about 50 picture and hope you can find one of your favorites, so you can copy it, or find some inspiration. You can do it with your self for simple and easy design, and maybe you need to go to the salon to get the best detail and you will never regret it. Because feeling comfy and beauty for Christmas day it…