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    60+ Fishtail Braid Ideas for Your Wedding Hairstyle

    Braid back in style. However, while there is nothing new about braids, braids always look natural, sexy and are very comfortable for summer and spring days. Fish-tail braid is one of the more complicated summer and spring hairdo, but still very popular and suitable for your wedding. You will look sexy, cute and more feminine. You only need to decorate it with a hair comb, flower or you use a flower crown. You don’t need to use veils that are complicated, you will look beautiful instantly Here are 60+ Fishtail Braid Ideas for Your Wedding Hairstyle, enjoy and relax!

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    50+ Ideas Unique Ways to Wear a Hat on Your Wedding Day

    Hats are back in a big way for 2020 weddings! Perhaps one of the most trends for brides today is a hat instead of a veil. Take a closer look at all the fabulous styles of hats and fascinators coming from the milliner’s shop these days. Unique accessories are a fantastic way for a bride to put her personal stamp on her wedding ensemble. From colorful shoes to custom pearl bridal jewelry, these days brides are not afraid to choose wedding accessories that are creative and playful. One of the most fashion-forward statements that a bride can make is to wear a stunning hat instead of a veil. Here are…

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    80+ Ideas Bridal Flower Hair Combs so You Look Beautiful at Your Wedding

    Some of the prettiest accessories for your wedding can be a wedding hair comb that you use to hold the hair in place. These usually have shiny jewelry, ribbon combinations, or various flowers of different colors. The elegance added by a hair comb to your clothes is a timeless look. This attractive hair decoration can be worn at all ages of wedding parties ranging from flower girls to brides. Sometimes the bride will choose a wedding hair comb by wearing a bridal veil. The bride also likes to use a comb to keep their hair looking elegant during the reception, instead of bothering with the veil and taking the opportunity…

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    60+ Wedding Flower Crowns Ideas for Your Wedding Hairstyle

    To find a flower crown for your wedding, that’s quintessentially you consider two factors: your personal style and the climate of your wedding. If you’re more of an ethereal, go-with-the-flow type of bride getting married in the spring, try a wreath of tiny white flowers, maybe intertwined with small pearl so subtle and delicate. Those getting married in a tropical climate might want to consider a punchy wedding flower crown, featuring blooms in an array of bright, bold colors. (Then, tie it all together with a lipstick color that matches one of the flowers in your crown perhaps a pop of red or pink.) Even winter brides can wear flower…

  • 60+ Ideas Trendy Hairstyles For Exercise
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    60+ Ideas Trendy Hairstyles for Exercise

    If you are like me then you love for your hair to look nice! I love wearing my hair down, but unfortunately, when I started exercising diligently my hair didn’t stand the sweat test lol. I had to make a decision to wear my hair in ways that could endure my new healthier lifestyle. That meant I had to find alternative hairstyles that still looked nice but would not sweat out. Now if your hair doesn’t sweat out that is awesome! But for many of us women when our hair gets wet it doesn’t hold up very well. When my hair gets wet it gets real kinky and it is…

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    60+ Charming Bridal Loose Wedding Hairstyles

    Everything related to marriage is something that must be perfect. Starting from a dress full of detail, perfect makeup and no less important is the hairdo. For those of you brides who like things that are simple and stunning, loose your hair. You only need to add a little headdress like hairpin, tiara, crown, flowers crown, or even without adding anything, showing your natural hair with awake will show your natural beauty. Here are 60+ Charming Bridal Loose Wedding Hairstyles, enjoy and relax!

  • 60+ Ideas How To Make Easy Natural Summer Makeup
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    60+ Ideas How to Make Easy Natural Summer Makeup

    Summer demands fuss-free makeup. A naturally pretty look that would not streak when you sweat. Something that is low maintenance and which looks great on the beach. The trouble is, that carefree, nude makeup look is a lot harder to achieve than a painted face. How do you use makeup and look like you were born that way? Start by taking care of your skin now. Your body is made up of what you eat and drink. Eat junk food and drink lots of sweet carbonated water and caffeine, and that’s what your body has to work with. Your skin reflects the state of your health. If your body is…

  • 50+ Ideas Brown Eyes Makeup Looks
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    50+ Ideas Brown Eyes Makeup Looks

    If you’re brown-eyed and female, you have every right to be smug. Eye makeup for brown eyes is varied and easy. As a matter of fact, the brown-eyed woman is lucky because she can do lots of speaking and expressing with her limpid stare. Most importantly, she has an arsenal of eye shadows that she can choose from. She can wear any hue and look gorgeous. She can do greens and not look like a plant. She can use bronzes and not look like a coin. She can use dark hues and not look like a cave bat. The Flecks Say It All Brown is complex and mesmerizing. Brown eyes…

  • 50+ Fantastic Shimmering Eye Makeup For Party Ideas
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    50+ Fantastic Shimmering Eye Makeup for Party Ideas

    Party make-up does need to be that little bit more special to make sure you feel fantastic but there are some things that shouldn’t be altered. For example, your foundation color should still be as near to your own skin color as possible. Using a deeper color will look really false. However, if you are feeling quite pale, a natural-looking bronzer can be applied over the entire face for a healthy-looking complexion. Eye make-up is definitely something that can be changed significantly for parties. Most women only wear one or two eyeshadows during the day but a make-up lesson will show you how to use up to four shades for…

  • 50+ Classy Clean Bun Hairstyles Ideas
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    50+ Classy Clean Bun Hairstyles Ideas

    Romance is the key to all of today’s most popular hairstyles. Your hairdo should look fresh and easy, not overly styled or contrived. Though seemingly simple, a bun at the nape of your neck or back of your head can add a beautiful and sophisticated elegance to any type of gown and jewelry you choose and makes for an easy to for so many occasions. Perfect for your formal occasions, prom, and even wedding day. These soft styles are often gathered back away from the face. One thing that you do not see in the wedding magazines these days is bangs, especially the kind that are cut straight across the…