50+ Ideas Valentine Flowers To Add Sparkle To Valentines Day
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50+ Ideas Valentine Flowers to Add Sparkle to Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is indeed a special day to celebrate love. The celebrations are incomplete without flowers. Gifts for someone you love could be just about anything, but on Valentine’s Day, they are complemented with a bunch of valentine flowers.

Valentine flowers are not restricted to one particular kind. You may present roses, lilies, carnations and much more on Valentine’s Day. Roses are however the most preferred choice. They are sturdy, exquisite and a whole bunch of them make excellent gifts.

There have been many arguments in the past, as to why roses are the most preferred variety. Well, the best-loved concept, however, is that roses are often accompanied with a thorny stem. But while gifting them to someone special, the beautiful flower devoid of thorns is gifted. This is a way of conveying that thorns will be held by the giver and the recipient will receive nothing but the best, which is a selfless thought innate only to true love.

Ever wondered why a bunch of ‘deep red’ roses is synonymous with Valentine flowers? Well, it can be simply explained that deep red denotes the color of blood and heart which is where love resides, pumps blood. It is only apt that deep red signifies profound love. Therefore deep red or crimson roses are the most preferred variety of flowers for Valentine’s Day.

Besides roses, carnations with serrated edges are considered to be a big hit with the feminine populace. Carnations are considered to be sturdy yet intricate in structure and form. Bunch of deep red carnations makes admirable Valentine flowers. Lilies, orchids, daisies, gerberas and assorted flowers also make appropriate valentine’s day gifts.

Your preferred choice of Valentine flowers may be based on the significance of the color of the flower. It could be red to denote passion, white for peace and serenity, peach or pink for admiration, yellow for friendship and cheerfulness, Green (leaves and stems) for bounty and blue for harmony. With this information in mind, your gift is sure going to convey the message with colors. And you can decorate your lovely home with pretty flowers for Valentine’s day.

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